Canyon is a great sister to Amarillo.  They are expanding and growing by leaps and bounds.

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Just look at the amazing things going on at WTAMU, and all the new businesses moving into the city. Did you hear, they are getting a Whataburger?  Not to mention, all the people moving into Canyon for that great small city feel.

At one point in time, most of us have been a citizen of Canyon.  Many have lived and graduated from WTAMU.  Canyon is a great city to live.  

Recently, a post was made on the All Things Canyon Facebook group,  Canyon citizen James Haynes posted in the group,

Holy crimony! Just found out something nobody's s'posed to know... The city bought El Patio property which includes the Stewart Title building... They'll own 3/4 of that city block... Developing...

Seeing that I thought, cool they will be doing something amazing with that somewhat historical area of the Canyon.  Possibly something to tie in with good 'ol Tex Randall.  

Google Maps
Google Maps

Since the post mentioned it was the City of Canyon that purchased the land, I decided to reach out to the City of Canyon.

However, after a little more digging it appears that it was the Canyon Economic Development Corporation involved in the land purchase. I reached out to the new Development Director Stephanie Tucker, and ask if she could give me any information about the purchase,

I am not at liberty to share any details at this time.  If anything comes available, I will send you the details.

At this time, whatever project this might be, is still in the planning stages and they aren't ready to release the details.  As with the growth of Canyon, I'm sure it will be something beneficial to the city.  I hope they plan to incorporate the historical aspect of the home where Stewart Title is located.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

LOOK: A Home Together on the Range in Canyon, Texas

Get ready to feast your eyes on this beautiful home in Canyon, Texas. Once you get a peek at the inside, you'll absolutely believe that this lovely property is the product of HGTV's "House Hunters".

It's a lovely home located at 17530 Corman Ranch Rd that is currently listed by JT Haynes of Triangle Realty, LLC for a smooth $1.9 million!

This Huge Cabin In Palo Duro Canyon Is Top-Notch Glamping

This cabin is (to us) the definition of "glamorous camping".

This three bedroom rental is tucked away in the Palo Duro Canyon. It's a cabin with serious room, meaning it can fit up to eight guests--a girls trip, family vacation, or any bigger group.

The cabin is available for booking through and the description along with the provided photos is enough to catch the eye of anyone ready to get out of town and away from it all.....without having to go very far.

It's a beautiful place with woodwork throughout, full amenities, and all the mandatory electornics (and WiFi!). If a group of people were to split the cost of their stay between each other, it is without a doubt one of the most budget-friendly options for vacations.

The four day minimum stay required to make a booking is the only drawback to this diamond in the rough of a rental property--but it's nothing a little planning ahead and vacation time can't remedy.

Amarillo and Canyon Farmer's Markets

Amarillo and Canyon have some great community and farmers' markets.

They take place in the summer into early fall. It's an opportunity to find fresh produce, one-of-a-kind items, jams, jellies, bread, and more.

If you haven't had a chance to visit you should.

Canyon Farmers Market - Square in Canyon
Saturdays 8am-12pm

Amarillo Community Market - 1000 S. Polk St.
Saturdays 8am - 12:30pm

Golden Spread Farmers Market - 3701 Plains Blvd. Parking Lot
Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 7 am until sell out.
Early in the season of this market produce is scarce as the season moves on and crops are harvested, you'll see more and more of your favorite veggies.

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