When it comes to shopping most people in Texas are looking for convenience, with bustling cities with crazy traffic like Dallas, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio, the convenience of shopping is more important than ever.  Even in smaller cities like Amarillo, Lubbock, Tyler, and El Paso, residents are looking for something fast and easy as well.

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Since the pandemic changed the way we shop in a lot of ways, most people opt for grocery pick-up or delivery these days.   It's time saving and it saves you a trip into the store.  Plus, the thought of going into certain stores is a nightmare and an instant dread.

Walmart understands the need for easy and quick shopping

Walmart is constantly evolving and they are getting ready to introduce even more ways to make your shopping more convenient.

Walmart recently debuted some new technologies at the Consumers Electronics Show.   It's a new type of commerce that focuses on the customer.

Artificial Intelligence


Walmart customers with iOS now have a new GenAI-powered search.  The enhanced search experience allows customers to now search by specific use cases, e.g., a football watch party versus individual searches for chips, wings, drinks, and a 90-inch TV. It generates relevant, cross-category results.

Shop With Friends


This is a new platform that will allow the user to try on an outfit and share it with friends.

Here's how it works:

  • Open up the app
  • Choose your size and height
  • Select a model that resembles you
  • Choose a fashion category
  • Select your outfit, and if you like it add it to your favorites
  • Add more outfits
  • Then send them to friends through your contacts for feedback
  • They heart the options they like
  • Purchase your favorite outfits

Walmart In-Home Replenishment


This feature uses AI and Walmart expertise to make sure your online shopping car is filled with the right items at the right time.  Then they are delivered to your kitchen refrigerator or garage fridge.

“So, when customers go for milk, instead of having nothing, they have something,” said Whitney Pegden, vice president, New Propositions and Pre-Transactions, Walmart U.S., “making sure customers have the things they need consistently the moment they open the fridge or pantry, without lifting a finger.”

The feature will not only generate a list and deliver it, but it will also allow customers to maintain control over their lists. Customers will still be able to skip items that are not needed or add items that they need. Additionally, they will have the ability to adjust the delivery day or time according to their preference.

Walmart is always working to develop ways to help its customers, but they are also developing technologies to help its associates.

Get ready easier shopping is coming soon to a Walmart store and app near you.

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