Amarillo seems to be full of paranormal activity.  Places throughout the city seem to be haunted. One Amarillo business has been in existence for 54 years.  Seems to have seen its share of paranormal activity.

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The business is The Music Box, it is one of Amarillo's oldest smoke shops.  They are located at 907 S. Madison.   Their store was a former house, but it has since been home to an array of items.

At some point in time, just about everyone has made a visit to the Music Box.

The Music Box carries clothes, jewelry, vases, incense, Delta and CBD products, and even adult items.  Back in the 90s and early 2000s the tattoo and piercing gallery used to be upstairs in the small attic space.  The music box has even carried sage in their store.  This leads to the question, have they ever had to use the sage in the building?  Burning sage, or smudging with sage is a way to remove negative energy and spirits from an area.

Over the years many people have claimed that The Music Box is haunted.

Many recounts of weird voices, strange sounds, and uneasy feelings inside the store.

Back in 2016, a paranormal group visited the Music Box to see if they could find any occurrence of this paranormal activity.  Buried Secrets Paranormal spent a night at the Music Box in 2016.

Did they find anything paranormal?

Floating orbs and voices that didn't belong to the staff or Buried Secrets showed up on the video and audio.

In 2018, they visited the Music Box Body Art Studio across 10th Street.

The Music Box Body Art Studio was originally a dry cleaner. I wonder if the ghosts float between each shop haunting anything Music Box?

It's been 7 years since Buried Paranormal visited the original Music Box and 5 years since the Music Box Body Art Studio and it's possible that the ghosts have vacated the buildings. But are the ghosts ever really gone?

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