The end of an era is coming for a Pak-A-Sak Store.

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The Pak-A-Sak store located at 45th and Coulter will close its doors on Saturday. October 1st. This particular store was different from the others because it was meant to serve drive-thru traffic mainly.  The company built and used this design to see if a smaller store with a drive-thru would work.

The store opened in 2010.  According to a post on Facebook by Pak-A-Sak, "When looking at the long-term viability of any concept, a good amount of assessment and consideration is required."  Unfortunately for us that love that store and have been a customer since it opened this Pak-A-Sak store will be closing its doors on Saturday, October 1st.

If you are concerned about what might happen with the employees, rest assured that they have all been taken care of and have opportunities at the other stores.

You have a few days to stop by and make your last purchases at this particular location and say goodbye to those that have served you loyally over the last 12 years.

We understand this change may alter daily routines, but we promise that the staff at our Soncy location and our Hillside and Coulter location are ready and eager to serve you with the same amount of care and attention you received at store #17.

This Pak-A-Sak was one of the unique stores in my opinion because it was the only store that didn't have its competition lurking across the street.   It was a great location because there wasn't any room or land for said competition to put in a store.

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