One of the earliest forms of home delivery for food in Amarillo and Canyon, Texas was Schwan's.

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As a kid seeing that yellow Schwan's truck pull in front of your house was the coolest.  If you were down the block you would run as fast as possible to get home.  The Schwan's man would come to the door with the menu for that month and hand it to your mom as she looked over it to figure out what to order.

Of course, you would be in her ear screaming, "Mom, mom, we need push-ups, and juice and push-ups."

Once your mom made the order, the Schwan's man would walk out to that famous yellow truck, open the different doors, and pull out your order.

Nine times out of 10, your mom would order your push-ups.  They would either be chocolate or that weird orange sherbet.  At the time it was cool to eat ice cream out of what looked like toilet paper rolls.  Once you were done eating, you would take the pusher out of the tube, wash it, and create wheels, a barbell, or whatever you imagined to build with the plastic insides,

Such fond memories of the Schwan Man.

Memories!  Yes memories, because the Schwan's man is gone.   He was integral to growing up and feeling cool because the Schwan's man visited your house.  Now he's gone.

In October 2023, the company announced it was changing its name to Yelloh and laying off over 750 employees nationwide.


The Schwan's Man or Guy is now known as the Yelloh pros or delivery pros.

Now for the bad news

The local Schwan's warehouse was located on Highway 60 in Canyon.  Yelloh is no longer delivering in the Amarillo area.  If you go to the Yelloh website and type in your zip code, it will tell you that it will be shipped by UPS and dropped off at your door.

End of an Era

The days of the big yellow truck pulling up in front of your house, the Schwan man coming to your door and taking your order, going to the truck, and grabbing your items are gone.

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