Amarillo, Texas is full of great restaurants.  The local fare is especially good in the Yellow City.

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There is a restaurant in town that is a hidden gem and located in a very unique place in the city.

Shelby's Diner


Shelby's Diner is located at Tradewind's Airport.   It's a place to grab and amazing meal, and enjoy wathcing the planes take off and land, and even a few helicopters if you're lucky. Shelby's Diner serves up some great food including breakfast, a burger, sandwiches, or even some delicious dessert.  They are open every day but Sundays.

Shelby's Diner has been a favorite in Amarillo.

This place is amazing!

The atmosphere at Shelby’s was very unique and the food was amazing!

Great service and great food. Friendly staff and cool location.

Shelby's Diner is so good, they are opening another location.

The new location will be located in Town Square, near Cinergy.  This is home to some other great restaurants including X- Steakhouse, Cada Vez and Sushi House, just to name a few.  This will be a perfect spot for the new diner.  This means that there will be a Shelby's Diner on both sides of Amarillo.

Google Maps
Google Maps

We reached out to Shelby's Diner to find out when we can expect the new diner to be open.

Town Square Diner does not have a projected opening date yet.

I guess that means we'll have to be patient for the new location.  In the meantime, you can always head over the the Tradewinds Airport and get yourself a delicous burger or some really great breakfast.

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