Texas is a vast state, from Amarillo to Galveston, Texarkana to El Paso it spans for days.  If you're traveling in Texas, sometimes you just have to stop and rest.

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Yes, Texas is full of hotels and motels, but if you're like some people you don't want to drop a wad of cash just to sleep.  So your other options are sleeping in your car or pitching a tent somewhere in the state just to catch some ZZZ's.

The great thing about Texas is you can find rest areas spaced across the 21 major highways.  Texas has 76 rest areas.  Most facilities are quite nice, while others leave a lot to be desired.


However, when it comes to being able to sleep, it's in the name, Rest Area.  Resting includes sleeping.

No, It Is not Illegal to Sleep at a Rest Area in Texas

However, there are rules to follow when you stop to sleep in a rest area in Texas.  You can sleep at a rest area but cannot be there for more than 24 hours. According to Texas Transportation Code 545.411, you cannot erect a tent, structure, shelter, or booth in the rest area.   All that means is you cannot camp at a Texas Rest Area.

Yes, you can comfortably pull up to a rest area and sleep in your car.  You will probably notice a lot of semi-trucks at the rest area when you stop, most of them are snoozing and this is where they choose to stop to sleep.

Is it Safe to Sleep at a Rest Area in Texas?

For the most part yes, most of these rest stops are monitored.  You must be alert and aware of your surroundings, keep your doors locked and your valuables out of sight, and use your best judgment before you close your eyes and drift off to dream.

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