Christmas is a magical time of year.  It's a time when kids have huge dreams of what Santa Claus would leave under the tree.

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It's the anticipation of waking up early and running into the living room to find that perfect gift you were wishing for all year long.

I started thinking of that magical wonder and it took me back to those days when I go what I  asked for, for Christmas.  I also reached out to my friends and co-workers to see what some of their favorite items were that they received for Christmas.

Some of these items caused frenzies, some were just cool to get under the tree.

Cabbage Patch Kids

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Xavier Roberts gave us these sweet dolls or the original version.  In 1983 toy company Coleco, brought these cuties to stores.   The premise of Cabbage Patch Kids, was these babies were born in a cabbage patch, and when you got yours you essentially were adopting this baby.  They came with birth certificates and Xavier Roberts' Signature right on their booty.   The year they were released caused chaos, and moms were throwing elbows to grab these in the store to make sure they were under the tree Christmas Morning.

Suffice it to say many children did not have these dolls under the tree in 1983.  However, once restocked, many had one, two, or three, and still have them to this day.


The electronic pet.  Tamagotchis were electronic pets in the form of a keychain.  You can feed them, give them attention, and put them to bed.  If you didn't they would die.  You didn't want to kill your Tamagotchi.

Beanie Babies

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These things were the fad of the '90s.  They were originally created in their own form in 1993, but in 1995 the craze was beyond controllable.  These things were traded and sold, and they became a multi-million dollar business.

Many people still have these things in tubs shoved in their attics.  Although some rare Beanie Babies are worth a ton of money, most are not.

Get in Shape Girl

This was a sneaky way of getting girls to stay active, it was a whole line of toys that promoted working out for girls.  It was a must-have gift in the 80s.  Ironically, many toys would soon hide working out in a fun way.

Skip It

Did someone say working out in a fun way?  Skip It was a loop with a weight on it.  You would put it around one ankle and start swinging it around while jumping it with the other foot.  It even had a counter on it so you could keep up with your skips.

My Little Pony

Who doesn't love a cute little toy horse in many colors with colored hair and markings on its backends?  My Little Pony was created in the 80s but still remains on store shelves these days.  Many children have asked for many versions of these cute ponies over the years.

Sports Cards

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Sports cards have been a fad since they were first created in the early 20th Century.  They have been a huge part of every sports fan's life.  They are fun to collect and trade with friends, and yes, they are a huge money maker.

However, the gum that is found in some of the sports card packages is just gross.

Game Boy

Game Boy Advance by Nintendo
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When Nintendo came out, it was the cool gaming system to have, but then they came out with a handheld Nintendo, and everyone wanted the Gameboy.


Pokemon World Championships Held In San Francisco
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Pokemon originally began as characters from a Game Boy game in 1996.  From the games, it became an animated series, and then the trading cards hit the market and everyone was obsessed with Pokemon cards.  They were a hot commodity and fun to trade.   It is possibly the highest-grossing franchise every.

Tickle Me Elmo

Best Selling Holiday Toys for Christmas
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The craze Cabbage Patch Kids caused in the 80s, Tickle Me Elmo caused in the 90s. The toy hit store shelves in 1996 and by the Christmas shopping season rolled around, Tickle Me Elmo was nowhere to be found. Parents were trampling and beating each other to get a Tickle Me Elmo.

Tickle Me Elmo was a fun toy that giggled, vibrated, and laughed when you squeezed his belly.

Power Rangers

🎵Go Go Power Rangers!🎵  Almost every kid had a favorite Power Ranger, you just had to decide what color Power Ranger was your favorite.

Shrinky Dinks

These were the coolest things.  They were sheets of plastic with your favorite character on them.  You would color them and then cut them out and have mom put them in the oven and you could watch them shrink from the window.

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