Why I’m Sad About This Year’s Christmas
I am one of those get your Christmas shopping done early type people. I usually start the last week of October and I'm done by the end of November. Which nothing has changed. I'm moving right along with those gift purchases, however this morning I realized something that made me very …
Amarillo's Largest Garage Sale
Growing up, I would look forward to joining my grandma as we hit up the different garage sales.   We were on the hunt for that one-of-a-kind antique or the thing we couldn't live without.
Inappropriate Toy
I dunno if anyone else follows Play-Doh on Facebook but you should cause they're doing some serious damage control
— El Clarko (@Fatgoldfish4) December 29, 2014
Thank goodness I don't have kids because I would have been laughing if my kid pulled this out of t…

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