Amarillo is not a world of hills and mountains, lakes (well not normally but the rain has changed that), and waterfalls.

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Amarillo is a world of plains and flatlands, and a canyon close by, but not rainforests and majestic waterfalls.

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The most waterfall we get is at Thompson Park or Lawrence Lake when it floods and it waterfalls into the drainage ditch.  That's why it blows my mind that people in the world think Amarillo is full of majestic beauty.

One person thinks Amarillo is full of these amazing resorts.  Heck, the closest thing we have to a resort is, come to think we don't have anything close to a resort.  Someone thinks we have these amazing beaches.  Are they talking about the beaches of McDonald Lake or Medi Park Lake?  Truthfully, it's the edge of the water and dirt, with no beautiful sandy beaches.

One can only wonder is there another Amarillo in the world?  Is this an alternate version of Amarillo in an alternate world?  If so please share the portal location with us.

Not too long ago, it was posted that there was a magical shire in Pampa, Texas.  Have you been to Pampa, Texas?  There isn't anything magical, except for maybe their new metaphysical shop, Cosmic Soup.

That's why I have to question, the mental stability, of this person.  Someone in the world thinks there are these majestic waterfalls and snowcapped mountains in Amarillo.

Seriously, is there a door hidden in the Fantastic Journey that will take you to this majestical place?  Is there a switch that sends you to this world when you go underground riding the Texas Tornado? Is that why the Himalaya stopped going backward? Is it because it was sending people to the top of one of these snowcapped mountains?

Is this why they closed the original Thompson Park Pool because someone found the secret portal to the waterfall world?

Man, can you imagine if Amarillo had something this beautiful, our tourism would triple!

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