With Halloween just around the corner, you might be scrambling for the perfect, unique Halloween costume for 2023.

And sure, you could easily go as Jenna Ortega's Wednesday Addams or M3GAN the evil, dancing doll, or even dress up as Barbie and Ken with your boo, but don't you want to do something a little different than the rest?

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If you're looking for some last-minute, pop culture and celebrity-inspired Halloween costume ideas for 2023, look no further.

From memes to TikTok stars and even politicians, these under-the-radar costume ideas are sure to fit any occasion for the spooky season while allowing you to stand out with your pop culture savvy.

Unique Pop Culture Halloween Costume Ideas for 2023

From TikTok memes to viral celebrity moments, check out 13 unique pop culture-inspired Halloween costume ideas for 2023.

Gallery Credit: Ryan Reichard