Back in the day, there was a website that took over the world, well, the high school and college world at least. You might remember it, it was called Hot Or Not. Basically you rated random peoples pictures as to whether or not you thought they were attractive.

Eventually, the buzz and hype of the site wore down. Whether it's because people had run through all the pictures on it or because people realized it was almost a bit cruel, it died a relatively quick death.

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Well the site may be gone, but it seemingly hasn't stopped people from rating others. One of the many dating apps out there, Clover, did a study on where the most attractive females in the United States reside, and with that came the states and cities where the most unattractive reside as well.

A proprietary system was used by Clover and it "measured the quality of interactions between users" to determine the rankings. Now, I'm not 100% how that determines attractive and not attractive, but we'll run with it.

For the longest time, we've heard things like the most attractive people live in sunny and warm states like Florida, Arizona, California, and yes, Texas. According to this study, it appears we've been completely wrong.

If this study is correct and accurate, the most attractive females live on the east coast, and it doesn't appear to be a close battle. The top five states were Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. The west coast finally sneaked in at number six with Nevada.

So the above theory of the most attractive people coming from warmer, sunnier states doesn't seem to hold weight. What about the theory that some of the most attractive people live in the south? According to the survey, women in the south aren't exactly held in high regard.

Mississippi checked in at number one on the list as far as the most unattractive women in the country, and by a LARGE margin. In fact, the survey said women in Mississippi are SEVEN TIMES more unattractive than the national average. That's just cruel.

So where did Texas check in at? How about the eighth least attractive women in the nation. Now, I know what you're thinking, they must be blind right? At the risk of getting in trouble with the wife, I've seen plenty of attractive women in Texas, so I think the people conducting this survey were wearing some pretty out of focus glasses.

It gets worse though if you can believe it.

Amarillo actually showed up on the cities list, and not the good one. According to the survey, Amarillo has the eighth least attractive women in the entire country. Go ahead, get mad, you should be. You would think that would be good enough for the most unattractive females in Texas, but amazingly it wasn't.

Fort Worth checked in as the sixth least attractive women in the country. I'm sorry, but all of this is mindboggling to me.

How do you feel about this ladies of Amarillo? Are you offended? Are you laughing at this? Pick an option below, I want to see how this survey makes you feel.

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