On Monday (April 8) the 2024 solar eclipse briefly took over North America and celebrities reacted to the rare phenomenon on social media.

Rapper and singer T-Pain took the opportunity to plug his upcoming tour on Twitter/X.

"Wtf I just looked at the eclipse and saw this," he joked, attaching an edited video of himself appearing in the eclipse singing.

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Internet meme the Voros Twins shared a photo of themselves watching the eclipse from the beach, calling it "so cool."

Singer, actor and former Disney Channel star Ross Lynch prompted fans to log off of social media and check out the eclipse during a live stream on TikTok.

"What’s good! Yo, you should tell them to get off and look at the eclipse," Lynch said.

Supernatural star Misha Collins also participated in the viewing of the eclipse, tweeting about "the magic of this world" along with a selfie of himself wearing special solar eclipse glasses.

Elon Musk saw the eclipse from Austin, sharing that it will be 27 years before the city sees one again.

Actress Morgan Fairchild, also known as Chandler Bing's mom on Friends, shared her experience watching the solar eclipse in a tweet.

"It was definitely twilight, temperature fell & breeze came up. Only a sliver showing!" she shared.

The total eclipse passed over North America during the afternoon and blocked the sun from the Earth for approximately four minutes.

According to CNN, many people attended viewing parties to catch a glimpse of the eclipse because another total solar eclipse will not occur for 20 more years in 2044.

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