We all have those items that we want to get rid of from our house but just don't know how to do it. Some things can't just get thrown in the regular trash, and certain things are just entirely too big to dispose of in the dumpsters.

I know the City of Amarillo has a service where you can load up stuff in your front yard, give them a call, and set up a time for them to come and pick it up for you. That's great for those things like old furniture, garage cleanings, etc.

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Maybe as you're getting rid of stuff, you realize you don't want it just sitting in your front yard, or maybe it's entirely too much for you to put out there. It seems we've forgotten there are a couple of places you can take it to and get rid of it.

Yes, believe it or not, Amarillo and Canyon both have landfills that you can utilize.

Let's start with the Amarillo City Landfill. It's located at 16250 Bezner Dr and there are all sorts of things you can bring there to dispose of. Some of it is considered exempt stuff, which means they won't even care you for it if you're paying a sanitation fee in your utility bill.

Now there are some things that are landfill unacceptable, items such as sheetrock, bricks, concrete, and dirt among other items. You can get the full list here.

The fees at the landfill are based strictly on weight, not the items, so think per pound charge. You can call them at (806) 378-6813 to get more info on rates and items you can and cannot bring.

Southwest Landfill is located in Canyon at 20700 Helium Road. They follow a lot of the same rules as the City of Amarillo landfill and will accept waste within a 150-mile radius of where they're located. Their website states that they get waste from Oklahoma and New Mexico, but most of it comes from the Texas Panhandle.

So the next time you're doing that massive amount of cleaning, or going all Marie Kondo on your house, keep the landfills in mind. You may get rid of more than you were initially planning on.

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