GARDSKI'S - This restaurant I believe was a national chain that opened in the early 80s in the Courtyard Shopping Center in Midland. They had the best combination nachos on the planet and some pretty amazing margaritas. There was a restaurant by the same name that opened in Lubbock in the early 2000s but I don't believe it was part of the chain that was in Midland from 1983-1987.



- The best place to go if you are into green beer and great food for St. Patrick's Day. Bennigan's was located where Genghis Grill is now in the Midland Park Mall parking lot. There were many remotes there that I was a part of in the 20+ years that Bennigan's was opened.


When Golden Corral opened in Midland on North Midkiff, it was by far the best buffet at that time and they had the best rolls you could find anywhere. A local businessman eventually bought the chain and he kept the Golden Corral name for a time but the restaurant eventually closed. The building was torn down and a Kent Kwik is now on the site of the old Golden Corral on Midkiff right across from Market Street. You can still get your Golden Corral fix as there is one in the parking lot of the Music City Mall in Odessa.

Buffet in restaurant


This was the best place to get Tex-Mex in Midland, located where "The Patio" is now on Wadley, El Chico had the best-smothered burrito back in the day. The restaurant closed in the 90s and has been home to many restaurants since then. This was another place to get a great margarita.

Two margaritas with lime wedges and salted glasses

Western Sizzlin' - One of the first steak restaurants I ever went to and back when it opened on Andrews Hwy near Louisiana. They had the best steaks and baked potatoes for a young kid just getting his flavor for a good steak. Later the restaurant was known more for its buffet than its steaks but I miss the old days when it was more of a steak restaurant. It closed down in Midland and Odessa about a decade ago.


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