We are all annoyed by the different scams that pop up in our email and the phone calls we get. Over time, these scams have gotten really tricky to read through and tough to determine if it's actually a scam.

There's a new one that seems to be surfacing that isn't annoying, it's flat out dangerous and could cost you your life. The worst part? We are all susceptible to this one at some point in our life, and some more than others.

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I saw a friend of mine on Facebook shared a post from one of their friends, and it was downright concerning. It had to do with Uber. Now, you would think there is no way you could get scammed by Uber or any rideshare app, right?

Well financially sure, you can't get scammed that way. Apparently it's worse than that.

Did you just read what I read? Hackers are creating ghost accounts inside the Uber app, and picking up people with these accounts. Now, I'd imagine some of these ghost accounts are so they can keep all the money from the ride. However, there are clearly going to be some that are there simply to harm your or abduct you.

With ridesharing growing in Amarillo and all around the panhandle, it's scary to think this is going on. How exactly do you avoid something like this potentially happening to you? Well, from what it looks like, it might be nearly impossible.

These rides are showing up in the app as legit, but when you go back to find the ride, it disappears from your app like you never took a trip with Uber, making it difficult to show that's where it came from.

The best thing you can do is share your location with a friend or family member before you get in any car. This way if something were to tragically happen, someone knows exactly where you are. Take a picture of the license plate before you get in the car and send it to that same person you shared your location with.

It's a scary world out there, and people seem to be going to any lengths to harm others. I don't want to say don't use the ridesharing services, but definitely make sure you stay vigilant.

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