Flo Milli has responded to haters who are not feeling her version of Lil Wayne's "A Milli" song.

Flo Milli Fires Back at Critics Who Dislike Her Version of Lil Wayne's 'A Milli'

On Friday (July 21), Flo Milli dropped a new video for her "Flomix" of Lil Wayne's classic 2008 song "A Milli" in celebration of the 50th anniversary of hip-hop. While her freestyle tribute to Weezy is commendable, a lot of haters jumped on social media to express their dissatisfaction with the song.

"I like Flo Milli but that a milli freestyle was disrespectful man. Lord it's be remixed a million times and that has to be the worst remix I’ve heard," tweeted one fan.

"I like Flo milli but this a milli rap ain’t it. That’s a hard song to do. lil Wayne blessed the beat and I’m afraid nobody can imitate or duplicate," wrote another person.

On Saturday (July 22), in response to the critics, the 2021 XXL Freshman hopped on Twitter and clapped back at all the haters who didn't like her freestyle.

"[I] never said I was the female Wheezy, my last name is Carter - Tamia Carter to be exact the critics gone talk and so will I - "FLO MILLI " OUT NOW B***H," she began. "Back in the day when artists jumped on each others beats it was so cool and creative when I do it y’all mad."

"The girls that’s get it get it the girls who don’t UGLY," she continued. "UGLY as in when ya momma say stop acting UGLY hoe[.]"

Flo Milli went on to say: "Y'all talk s**t cause I don’t say nothing but guess what , I’m on y’all ASS like you on mine Call me TWIN."

"Y’all do know it’s the 50th anniversary of hip hop right y’all know any one of your favorite artists wouldn’t be s**t without the artist before them. "If you ain’t no expert don’t tell me s**t about rapping," she concluded.

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Lil Wayne Responds to Flo Milli's "A Milli" Tribute Video

After lashing out at her critics, Flo Milli received the biggest praise for her "A Milli" freestyle/tribute video from the one and only Lil Wayne. The New Orleans rhymer shared a screenshot of her Reelz on his Instagram Story and wrote, "Love [Flo Milli]" and added a call me hand emoji.

Lil Wayne salutes Flo Milli on her "A Milli" tribute video.

For Flo Milli, that's all the compliments that she needed.

"[T]he mff goat posted meee [three tears of joy emojis] yall cant tell me s**t [three goat emojis] omfggg
@LilTunechi," she tweeted on her Twitter page.

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See Flo Milli's "A Millie" freestyle below.

Watch Flo Milli's "A Millie" Freestyle Video Below

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