Joe Budden is really excited about a new lyrical beef between Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake.

Joe Budden Pumped for Lyrical Battle Between Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake

On the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Joe Budden expressed his excitement for a new rap beef brewing between Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake. In a video that was posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, on Saturday (March 23), the podcast king was happy that Future and Metro Boomin let Kendrick Lamar diss Cole and Drake on their We Don't Trust You track "Like That."

In the clip, which can be viewed below, Joe saluted Future for breaking up the "monetized friendships" in the rap game, citing examples like the bond between Cole and Drake.

"I hate these phony friendships, enough of this," said Joe. "Break this s**t up."

Joe then played Kendrick's verse on "Like That": "Lost too many soldiers not to play it safe/If he walk around with that stick, it ain't Andre 3K/Think I won't drop the location? I still got PTSD/Muthaf**k the big three, n***a, it's just big me."

After Joe paused the song at that point, TJBP co-hosts Parks Vallely, Lamar "Ice" Burney, Antwan "Ish" Marby and Trevor "Queenzflip" Robinson all agreed that K-Dot's verse will spark a three-way rap battle between Kendrick, Cole and Drake. And they are all here for it.

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Joe Budden Slams Travis Scott for Playing "Like That" at His 2024 Rolling Loud Set

During their convo about Kendrick's verse on "Like That," Joe slammed Travis Scott for playing the song at his 2024 Rolling Loud California festival on Friday (March 22). Although Travis did not play Kendrick Lamar's lyrical diss at his show, Joe felt it was stupid for La Flame to play the song despite Kendrick dissing Drizzy on the song. Joe believes that Travis has a fake friendship with Drake.

"Travis you phony-a** n***a," Joe said. "Travis at f**king Rolling Loud 'Play this one! Play this one!'

"Play the diss?" he questioned.

"Not Travis 'Sicko Mode' Drake Travis? Not you hopping around on stage like a f**ky-f**k saying play the Drake diss?" he added.

Additionally, everyone on TJBP believed that Kendrick's "Like That" verse was more aimed at J. Cole in response to his verse on "First Person Shooter." Particularly, the lyric: "Everybody steppers, well, f**k it, then everybody breakfast and I'm 'bout to clear up my plate."

In the end, the group agreed that Cole has to respond to K-Dot separately from Drake.

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Watch Joe Budden get excited about a new rap beef between Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake below.

Watch Joe Budden Talk About Kendrick Lamar's Verse on "Like That" on The Joe Budden Podcast

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