In moments of unbridled honesty, even many vegetarians will tell you how much they miss bacon. Now fast food chain Jack in the Box is riding to the rescue, introducing a new artificially-flavored bacon milkshake.

Yes, we said “bacon milkshake.”

Jack in the Box is using Torani bacon-flavored syrup to make the weird concoction, meaning it’s allegedly safe for vegetarians, Muslims, Jews and anyone else who for personal or religious reasons cannot normally indulge in deceased swine.

Adding to the covert nature of it all, the bacon shake isn’t even on the Jack in the Box menu — you have to know about it and specifically request it. It’s part of the chain’s bizarre “Marry Bacon” campaign, which also includes a BLT Cheeseburger and a way to create your own Bacon Baby on the website. (Look, we don’t come up with this stuff, we just report it.)

But if you’re thinking drinking your bacon instead of eating it will be healthier, forget it — a regular bacon shake has a whopping 773 calories and 40 grams of fat.

[via Gizmodo]

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