We found out early in the new year that we had our first restaurant casualty here in Amarillo. We lost Fuddrucker's over on I40 and Soncy. Some people were surprised. A lot more really weren't.

They officially closed their doors on January 3rd and since then the talk is what could actually go into that building? We want something new. We added Toot n Totum to our poll when we asked the question. We really did that jokingly.

What Should Really Move Into the Fuddrucker's Location?

There are some places in town that we seem to have all over the place. We want something new. My suggestion was Jack in the Box. I would drive over there to get a sour dough jack burger or their tacos.

We also asked about In N Out Burger because a lot of people love them as well. I would be thrilled just to get a place that stays in that location and does well. That shouldn't be too much to ask for really.

We Seriously Asked The Question

Of course we wanted to know and what better way than putting out a poll question for you to answer. Oh, and answer you did. Everything from the burger places I mentioned above.

We also gave you the chance to put your own suggestions. We did get a lot of votes for Jack in the Box and In-N-Out but the rest were interesting. I would love a Pappadeaux's or a Cheesecake Factory. I mean I love seafood and who doesn't love cheesecake?

Pappadeux's would be nice the closest one is in Albuquerque. If you want to visit one in Texas, though, you have to drive to the Dallas area. There are about 8 there. We got several votes for Pluckers, but I feel we have a ton of chicken places.

credit: Sarah Clark, TSM
credit: Sarah Clark, TSM

Then the results got even better.

credit: Sarah Clark, TSM
credit: Sarah Clark, TSM

So many places we want to see come to Amarillo. I thought that Long John SIlvers, Famous Dave's and Joe's Crab Shack was great. I mean we used to have all of those. I event think Famous Dave's used to be in that exact building.

So what do you think? Are these great answers? Would you be happy with any of these moving into the old Fuddrucker's building?

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