Many celebrities like to pretend they are just normal people like the rest of us.  And sometimes these celebs do things to prove they are still a part of the 'neighborhood," like ride the subway to their own concert. Jay Z has always shown love for his hometown of Brooklyn.  He has a reputation for visiting frequently and showing love to 'his people."  But he stunned subway riders this past Saturday by riding along with them. Yes, Jay Z boarded the subway and took the "R" train from Canal Street in Manhattan to Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.  So where was he headed?  To the Barclays Center where he was to perform his last concert before basketball season kicks off. Although he is trying to be a commoner, we all know he isn't.  He had his crew with him.  But it still doesn't change the fact that people were shocked to see him aboard their train. I mean it's Jay Z!  I know if I saw a celebrity on the bus with me I'd think it was pretty awesome-crew or not.  Many people took to twitter to post pics and spread the word that Jay Z was riding the subway and not be chauffeured.

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