Okay so yesterday Jennifer Aniston told Access Hollywood that she was not pregnant and is not going to get married.  But Star is going to tell you that they are soooooo already married!  Are they?  Probably not, well maybe they are. I don't know I'm pretty confused.  Here's what she told Access Hollywood:

“No, we’re not pregnant,” Jennifer told Britain’s Hello magazine, reportedly at a press conference to promote her Lifetime film, “Five.”

If she looks less than perfect in recent pictures, the actress admitted it’s because she “quit smoking” and therefore “gained a couple of pounds.”

The actress also cleared up another rumor – she has no plans to get married immediately.

“I am not planning to get married any time soon,” she told the mag, according to reports.

Yet on Star's website you get this:


--Jen & Justin Married

--Kim Moves Out: She's Sick Of Kris Spending All Her Money

--Wedding #3 For Halle Berry!

--Beyoncé's Over-The-Top Nurseries

--David Arquette's Ultimatum To Courteney Cox

--Ryan Reynolds Meets Blake Lively's Family



So to be or not to be, married, that's the question.  Don't get me wrong she can be funny in movies like Horrible Bosses, but she seems like a loose cannon.  My money is on, YES!  I bet she got married on a crazy whim!  Most likely fueled by alcohol and pills.  Fun times? 


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