If you're going to cover Whitney Houston, you need to do it right. That's why we were so excited to see Jessie J perform "I Have Nothing" as part of a recent Whitney Houston tribute. Check out the video above: It's moving and gorgeous and just couldn't be more Whitney.

This year marked the third anniversary of the late singer's tragic death. To commemorate the occasion, Jessie J has been performing renditions of "I Have Nothing" at many of her live shows. According to a recent interview the premiered on Billboard, Jessie used to audition with "I Have Nothing" and credits the singer with jumpstarting her career.

"I owe my career to Whitney," the artist said. "Whitney was my inspiration."

It was "I Have Nothing" that brought Jessie J her record deal and subsequent worldwide success. The "Price Tag" singer was supposed to meet her idol at a Grammy's industry party in 2012, only to discover that Whitney had passed away earlier that evening. Now Jessie J pays tribute to the artist by singing songs like "I Have Nothing" and discussing her influence at many of her live shows.

Still, it's been a hard year for the Houston family. Bobbi Kristina, Whitney's daughter, remains on life support, after being found unconscious in a bathtub over two weeks ago. To cover Whitney requires a remarkable degree of sensitivity and artistic intuition - all of which Jessie J has in abundance.

We love Jessie J and we love Whitney Houston. Make sure to check out this beautiful mashup of artists in the video above.

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