Jimmy Kimmel sent a reporter out into the streets of Austin to ask music hipsters at 2014 SXSW about bands that don't exist. Said hipsters act like they know what's up and totally BS it.

The music lovers don't appear to pick up on the puns for this SXSW segment of 'Lie Witness News.'

Bands that hipsters waxed on, despite the fact that they aren't real: Neil Patrick Harrassment, WTF Bruce Jenner, Contact Dermatitis, DJ Heavy Flow, DJ Costco, Straight Out of Park Slope, Hannah and the Baby Bjorns, Willie Nelson Mandela, Tanya and the Hardings, DJ Cornmeal, I'm Not Done With the Salad, Vegan Bikini and DJ Metamucil.

We know -- best bands names...EVER!

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