So, you're a working stiff who has trouble stepping away during daylight hours to grab a bite to eat. That's okay because your desk is THE place to wolf down some food.

That's the premise of this hilarious video from CollegeHumor.

Anybody who works in an office will relate to this clip, which falls under the banner of "It's funny because it's true."

From the "limp salad eaten while staring vacantly at a HuffPo article" to the "mayo covered menu," you're sure to identify with the way we scarf down food while on the job so swiftly and sloppily that we forget to even chew or taste whatever it is we're putting into our tummies.

We've become a nation of cubicle drones strapped into our chairs so long that the blood flow to our legs stops just so we can finish those TPS reports, all so we'll never get promoted by the boss who keeps calling us Kevin, even though our name is actually Evan.

The good news is there are only another 30 years or so before retirement, which gives you plenty of time to find the most satisfying carb-packed lunch in the vending machine. Happy eating, everyone!

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