So I am reading the internet and soaking in it's beastly ways when I see a headline that says "Is Josk Krajcik America's Susan Boyle?"  If you don't know who he is, there's a reason, he's a nobody.  Last night he was on the X-Factor, I somehow missed his performance when I was watching it.  Probably because I couldn't handle it.  For some reason when Simon, Paula, LA & Nicole all start talking, I just wanna slit my wrist with a spoon!  So I changed the channel and missed what is apparently greatness.

First I wanna beat up on this, why are we calling him the American version of Susan Boyle?  Why is it because a person is over weight and not exactly aesthetically pleasing, we go crazy when we find out they can sing?  Is it shocking that a heavy, kinda ugly person can sing?  Really? As if because they aren't models they shouldn't have any talent?  Stop hating!

Okay moving on he did a great performance of At Last by Etta James and it was pretty freaking breath taking!  The guy has got the voice and he is not some ugly hunch back freak co-chill.  He's got a gift and he's caught my attention.  I may actually try to watch this awful rehashed idea of a show called the X-Factor.  Just bloody say yes or no!

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