So we know things are getting more expensive here in Amarillo, TX. That's just the current state of the economy. We've seen it at restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Costs are going up everywhere, and it's just what we have to deal with.

I don't mind having to pay a little more than I was for certain things. As long as I'm getting what I need and like, go ahead and charge me a touch more. However, if you charge me more and give me less than you were prior, now I've got a problem.

That's something I encountered last night. My family and I have been moving into a new house, and last night was day six of getting things from our old house to the new one. It was also our last trip we had to make.

Everyone was hungry afterwards, and neither the wife or I wanted to cook. It's been a long stretch for us. I decide I'll just order up some pizza to the house and keep it easy for everyone.

I know we have a lot of great local places here, and I order from those places from time to time. I tend to go with the big box, chain type of place though because I feel I can get more food for a better price a lot of the time because of package deals they put together.

Last night changed my mind. I won't say which place I ordered from, but it was one of the "big three" you always see commercials for. I ordered our typical 2 large pizza and bread side package. I noticed the price had ticked up just a bit. No big deal right?

It wasn't...until the order arrived. I grabbed the boxes and walked inside, and immediately said to my wife, "do these look like large pizza's to you?" She responded with a resounding "No!" I place them on the counter and look at the top of the box. It says they're larges.

Well I'm here to tell you, large has apparently become medium. Normally with a large pizza, it would be a big, long slice. These came out of the box like medium slices, and the fact that nothing was leftover once the family was done eating told me that.

We normally have close to a full pizza left with this particular package, last night there was one slice left. If you want to raise prices, fine. Don't shrink my order along with charging me more. Easy way to lose business.

I can tell you they've lost my business. It looks like I'm going to be ordering those giant sized pizzas from our wonderful local places from now on. Big box has officially lost my money.

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