I'll be the first to admit I don't really have much experience with posting bail. Getting into that type of situation isn't exactly my cup of tea. Then again who exactly wants to get in trouble with the law. It's not on anyone's list for that matter.

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Meet Ashley Coker


Ashley Coker is on the hook for skipping out on her bail, Looking into her court history with Randall County she has been charged with Credit Fraud and Forgery. The forgery count got her four years of deferred adjudication and all the lovely court costs.

Normally, I don't really think someone who jumped bail is worth writing about but what made this one so interesting was the way Chris Konnecke, the bail bondsman who got her back into the free world, came for her like a streetwise savage: social media.

Even better, he went straight to the Buy Sell Trade pages of Amarillo to canvass for leads. The post? Enough to make me clutch my pearls. This man is here to hurt some feelings and find Ashley--she's out on his money and he's coming to claim his dues.

All I have to say is that you might not want to jump bail on Chris, because he will hunt you down and hurt your feelings while doing it. Dang.

The part that got me good is that In order to make the post, he used a truck to "sell". The miles? Her age. The '1990 model'? Birth Year. That is a clever and savvy man, people. He's like the terminator, a well oiled machine who knows exactly where to go to find Connor--I mean, Ashley.

I'm hoping she does the sensible thing and just turns herself in, it seems like the only happy ending out of all the possible scenarios. You can run, you can hide.....but a bail bondsman who has to pay out of his pocket if he doesn't track you down? Buddy, you're outta luck.

Anyways, if you happen to know where Ashley Coker is or have an idea of her whereabouts, reach out to the folks at Freedom Bail Bonds. No doubt they'd love to hear from you. Word is they even have some reward money if they nab her.

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