Jesus Is King is charting new territory for Kanye West–literally.

On the Billboard charts for the week ending on Thurs., Oct. 31, not only is 'Ye's new album No. 1 on the Billboard 200, but it has also topped both the Top Christian Albums and Top Gospel Albums. The project moved a total of 264,000 units, with 196.9 million streams throughout the week.

According to Billboard, the numbers mark the biggest-selling unit week on Top Christian Albums and Top Gospel Albums since both charts began counting streams in February 2017.

Jesus Is King features appearances from Clipse, Ty Dolla $ign, Ant Clemons, Fred Hammond, saxophonist Kenny G and Kanye's Sunday Service Choir. It is now Kanye's ninth consecutive No. 1 album, and he has plans to hit the road with the project very soon.

In a quick chat with TMZ on the day of the album's Oct. 25 release, the rapper was asked when fans would be getting a new tour. Kanye was quick to tell the paparazzi it was coming "right away," and when he was asked to elaborate, he simply added, "It's coming."

Kim Kardashian is reportedly worried about the tour, however. According to a report from People, Kim has concerns that a trek like that could be taxing and she doesn't want him to forget about his mental well-being.

“Kim supports a tour, but still has concerns,” the source said. “She doesn’t want him to go crazy and do an intense tour with no breaks. She wants him to focus on his well-being and mental health too.”

Despite Kim's purported concerns, the same report says Kanye is in great spirits.

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