Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump squared off in the third and blessedly final debate of the 2016 presidential election last night (October 19) — and it somehow contained even more surreal moments than the previous two. In addition to the candidates' responses to debate-relevant discussions on issues like reproductive rights and taxes, Trump declined to say whether he'd perform the traditional act of conceding a possible loss after what he's insisted is a "rigged" election ("I will keep you in suspense," he told moderator Chris Wallace). And though he claimed that "nobody has more respect for women than I do" to audible laughter from the audience early in evening, Trump couldn't restrain himself from muttering "such a nasty woman" as Clinton was discussing Social Security, of all things.

Celebrities, like many of us, watched the events in occasional disbelief, cringing and participating in the one million hair-related "bad hombre"/bad ombre jokes and Janet Jackson "nasty woman" memes that pervaded the internet on Wednesday night. And yes, "bigly" is a word, even if Trump misused it and seemed to conflate it with "big league." That didn't make it any less odd-sounding.

Check out debate reactions from Frozen's Josh Gad, Katy Perry, Dax Shepard and more below.

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