Kim Kardashian was all set to appear in a sexy Super Bowl commercial for Skechers. But then, the shoe company had second thoughts about using the reality TV star, and have rewritten Kardashian’s role instead for…a French bulldog.

Executives for Skechers have yet to explain why Kardashian was dropped, but some speculate that it might have to do with recent bad publicity she received amid her short marriage to Kris Humphries.

Kim got us more attention than we ever dreamed,” says Leonard Armato, president of Skechers Fitness. “We have to establish Skechers as more than a lifestyle company.”

Ah, the old “it’s not you, it’s me” excuse. Poor Kim. 2012 is off to a rough start.

Check out Kim’s Skechers ad from last year’s Super Bowl below. And congrats to the french bulldog!

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