Halloween is this Friday and that means costumes!  We know that it can be difficult to buy costumes for your kids so we are kicking off our 4th Annual Costumes For Kids.

Halloween is such a fun time for everyone, especially the kiddos.  Costumes can get really expensive and we understand that it just isn't in the budget.  Kiss Fm is all about the kids having fun so we are giving out costumes tonight.

We are teaming up with Cruisers Grill and Bar to give out costumes to as many kids as we can.  The location has changed this year.  Instead of passing them out here at the Kiss Studios, we will be giving them out at Cruisers Grill and Bar, 2813 SW 6th.  The giveaway starts at 6pm, first come, first serve.

It may seem like something insignificant, but when these kids get a costume, their faces light up like Christmas.  We want to make Halloween fun for everyone!

So if you need costumes for your kids, get there early.  In order to help as many families as we can, we will allow each family to choose 3 costumes.  If you have more than three kids, you are more than welcome to stay until the end and see if there are any leftovers.

Costume giveaway, tonight at 6pm at Cruisers Grill and Bar, 2813 SW 6th!