Do you find yourself collecting halloween costumes from past years and there just pileing up in storage or your closet. What do you do with all them costumes? How about donating them to a good cause? Maybe to a child that can use is next year for halloween. We're looking to collect as many used costumes so that we can host a halloween costume drive like we used to do in the past. We will have all used halloween costumes dry cleaned and ready to put to use for next year. We understand that sometimes costumes could become expensive especially when you have a big family or maybe just going through hard times. We all know that kids love to dress up for halloween and next year we want to get as many halloween costumes as we can to give to kids that could use them. We need your help by donating your costumes. All you have to do is drop-off the costumes inside our barrels here at the radio-station off 34th & Bell next to KFC. With your help we can host another Halloween Costume Drive. For any questions please reach out to us at 806-355-9777. Thanks again and Happy Holidays from everyone here at Kiss FM!

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