You’d think by now that politicians would know not to use popular songs on the campaign trail without first obtaining the artists’ consent, but it seems some presidential candidates just haven’t learned. Only a few days after Survivor sued Newt Gingrich for using ‘Eye of the Tiger’ without permission, rapper K’naan is threatening to go after Mitt Romney for playing his song ‘Wavin’ Flag.’

After Romney played the 2009 song during his victory celebration following the Florida Republican presidential primary, the Somali-Canadian rapper tweeted, “Yo @mittromney I am K’naan Warsame and I do not endorse this message.”

XXLMag later caught up with the ‘Is Anybody Out There‘ rapper, who explained that he may consider a lawsuit. “I might even go further, because I don’t like what that does to me as an artist,” he said. “I don’t really like the association of a song that I created, and such a personal song, being used in that context; [it] changes the way people feel about the song. It’s damaging to me.”

In another swipe at Romney, K’naan continued, “If we’re successful in the suit, I would happily contribute the damages to the Obama campaign.”

A spokesperson for Romney announced that he would respect K’naan’s wishes and stop using the song. Good decision, Governor. Using a song by an outspoken rapper who wasn’t born in America as part of your presidential campaign probably didn’t make sense to begin with. Or, as K’naan put it, “It’s a bizarre thing. The dude is against immigration… He’s using a Muslim rapper from Somalia who’s an immigrant from Canada’s song? It’s a bit hypocritical.”

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