It seemed simple enough: a free app in which Mitt Romney supporters could take a photo and then send it out to Facebook or Twitter with one of 14 Romney campaign approved slogan like “I’m a Mom For Mitt” superimposed on it.

The app launched yesterday, to coincide with Romney officially capturing the GOP nomination by winning the primary in Texas. Everything would have been great except that there was a misspelling in one of the pre-approved slogans. And what a misspelling it was.

“A Better Amercia,” reads one of the options.

If you were quickly able to realize what’s wrong with that you might want to think about applying for a job as a Romney campaign copy editor.

Because of the gaffe, the just-launched app did end up being a big hit on Twitter yesterday. Needless to say not in a way the Romney folks had hoped it would. Check out some Twitter reactions to the epic mistake.

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