Former Denver Bronco Kyle Orton recently got traded to the Kansas Chiefs. After being benched and replaced by Tim Tebow who took Denver on a 5 game winning streak! You know something was wrong when Tebows jersey were worn more then your starting Q.B. Even attending a Bronco game Orton would be on the field and fans would chant.. Tebow..Tebow.. Well it finally took a billboard purchased by a fan with it saying"Put Tebow In" and a horrible game by Orton for Denver to come to it's senses to put in Tebow.

Ever since then Orton has became a cry baby and wanted OUT! Well Orton your wishes have came true! Kyle Orton has been shipped off to a division rival the Kansas City Chiefs who's record is the worst in our division.Good luck Kyle and can't wait to see you take on Tebow New Year's Day.

Check out this video as Kyle look-a-like fires back!

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