Kylie Jenner has a full closet in her sprawling, California mansion dedicated entirely to her expansive wig collection.

In the past, she's donned hair pieces of every color, often leading the public to believe she'd wreaked havoc on her dark locks with terrible, painful bleach. That was hardly ever the case, of course -- Kylie just gets wigs custom made whenever she feels a new look coming on. It keeps the integrity of her hair while ensuring her style never seems stagnant, you know?

Well, hold on! It seems, at long last, Kylie finally went ahead and made the commitment to destroy her hair with unforgiving bleach once and for all!

Kylie documented the lengthy and difficult process of turning her dark hair platinum blonde via Snapchat, her preferred method of communication. Noting the way bleach burns and itches (the things we do for beauty!!!!), Kylie posted a video of herself furiously scratching her scalp with a comb. Relatable content!

She truly videoed the entire process, almost as if to prove her hair has actually been dyed -- there is no wig foolery here.

Kylie then debuted her new Kim K-esque white-blonde locks during an outing at New York Fashion Week.

There's no word as to how long this new dye job will last, but considering the painstaking hours, the damage that has undoubtedly been done and the energy put into her new hair color, it'll hopefully be a while before Kylie goes back to black.

Check out some more snaps from Kylie's well-documented hair session (and its end result) below.

Kylie Jenner's Lip Evolution

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