About a month ago I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw Victor Leal's post that I didn't want to see. Leal's not having any plans to open back up any time soon.

They tried to open curbside during the pandemic. They tried to offer family style meals during all of this. They lost way too many employees so when it was time to start opening up he didn't have the staff. Plus they were in the process of opening a new location where the old Furr's was on Georgia. We were all looking forward to that as well.

As of yesterday those plans to reopen were squashed. Back in May Victor said:

We will most likely reopen in Amarillo when this storm passes in a different and better iteration.

That looks not to be the case anymore as now officially on all the restaurant review pages and on Leal's Restaurant pages this came to be:

With heavy hearts, we have indefinitely closed Leal's in Amarillo. We thank you all for 16 years of your support, and we look forward to one day reopening in Amarillo. For the time being, we have no plans of reopening.

I will say already the comments have all been in disbelief. There are way too many people sad about this news. You can count me in that group.

So it looks like the Leal's queso is no more in Amarillo. Their Texas Enchilada's that I so loved are no more. Yes, we can travel to Muleshoe. We can travel to Plainview. I get that but I loved it so much more when I could drive half a mile to Wellington Square and walk right in to get a great meal.

I am going in a Leal's depression. I must stock up on their chips/hot sauce and queso next time I go to Market Street. It won't be the same. I can't get their margartia's. I am going through withdrawals already. Covid-19 has not been kind.

I can't deal.


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