I remember being a kid and rushing out to the Christmas tree to start the frenzy of gift opening before the sun even came up. Now, with a family of my own, it's still one of my favorite things to do.

It's just that my Christmas list has changed. My kid, however, still love all the things that I did. She loves to watch all the shows and movies that surround this holiday. It's so nice to kick back and watch all of the shows that I watched as a kid, except with my wife and daughter. Our current favorite (and my all time favorite) is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. A true holiday classic.

Talk about Nostalgia! Making sure that I have all the service I need to make those shows available to my family is crucial. With Suddenlink's SL200 HDTV package I can make sure that we get every one of our favorite Christmas movies and shows.

With TiVo Premiere, I don't have to worry about missing any either. I can record hours of my family's Christmas favorites in HD. I can also log my daughter into Suddenlink 2Go and she can watch all of her favorite shows, not just Christmas stuff.

I love the fact that my wife can be shopping on the laptop, our daughter can be streaming movies on the tablet from Netflix or Suddenlink 2GO and I can play Call Of Duty online with friends (yeah, I opened that one early)!

If you currently don't have Suddenlink service or if you're a Dish customer, Suddenlink has some great deals to help you be the best Santa you can be this year!

Check out these offers below:
SL200 HDTV for as low as $36 a month!
Home Phone for as low as $25 a month for life!

Switch to Suddenlink today and you will receive $300 in credits to help with those satellite cancellation fees.


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