We haven't really had a lot of snow in the past few years. So the talk of snow Sunday night was kind of exciting.

My daughter came over for dinner. I had made chili in anticipation of the snow. We ran to Kohl's for a mom and daughter shopping trip. I told her to stay home that night. She had plans to go to Canyon.

She said she decided not to go. OK, great move. It IS going to snow! I mean all the weather folks talked about it. The National Weather Service also had many stories about it. We were going to get our first dose of snow.

Did my daughter stay home like she said? Of course not. She got stuck in the snow. She couldn't see because of the blowing snow to know which exit to get of to her destination. The snow was covering all the signs. She took the wrong exit.

She also has a low to the ground car. So that is another strike against her. She is now stuck on a street without much traffic. She is sitting on the side of the road crying. She doesn't know where she is and luckily there is a lady who was out rescuing her own daughter. I appreciate her rescuing mine too!

She stopped to ask if she was ok and of course the tears told the story. She helped my daughter. They tried to all drive in a caravan to safety but my daughters car would not make it. So she jumped in one of the cars and headed back to Canyon.

When I left work the next morning I headed to help her find her car. She really had no idea where it was. She thought it was near Rockwell Road. She also didn't know if she had enough gas to get home. It was a mess.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Luckily she sent her location to a friend of hers. The problem was she wasn't even sure if when she sent it....she was still close to her car....and the lady started to drive. So we had something to go off of. It didn't really help. We started at the Rockwell Road exit and drove all around. No car. I asked her why she didn't pay better attention. She said she was actually just trying to get her car to safety and was more freaked out about that. I guess I understood.

It didn't make it any easier to find her car. We drove around for over an hour (mind you the roads were still icy). I had to find the humor in it. I really did. So I asked her if she ever saw the movie "Dude, Where's My Car?" because this is what this moment was .feeling like. She has not. I told her that she will.

Finally she called her friend who she sent her location to....and they were talking. She said she thought she may be off the Canyon E-way  on the side going to Lubbock. Not Canyon. So now we start driving around all those exits. It took some time...but victory was finally ours.

It took hours and we had many laughs amidst all the frustration. We were finally at her car and 5.7 miles from the Walmart in Canyon. So that was the next move. Get her gas to get back to Amarillo.

So last night I did what any loving mother would do. I got on Netflix to look for the movie. Nope....not there. I searched on my TiVo to see if Suddenlink had it coming up any time soon. Yep, Monday! I set it up to record and informed Faith that I found our after Thanksgiving movie! "Dude, Where's My Car?"

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