If you are a Suddenlink customer you probably have noticed that for the last couple of days channels like Nick, Comedy Central, MTV and CMT have been running notices that Suddenlink will be dropping those channels and as of Midnight those channels disappeared on the channel line up.   So what happened?

According to an update from Suddenlink at Suddenlinkonyourside.com

September 30

Suddenlink has had considerable success in reaching new agreements with the likes of AMC, Fox, Turner, Disney, Discovery, and many other channel owners. However, despite our repeated requests for Viacom to reconsider, Viacom rejected every offer Suddenlink made and then removed its channels..

Starting Wednesday, October 1, Suddenlink introduced other channels our customers have requested through phone and email surveys, social media polls, and calls to our care centers.

Earlier this year, Viacom forced sixty other companies to do the same.

Some of those new channels that Suddenlink is offering their customers are as follows:

  • The Blaze is a news channel led by Glenn Beck, featuring shows like Hot Shots, 3-Gun Nation, and Wonderful World of Stu.
  • Pivot features music and original programming, including shows like The Mixtape by SoulPancake, HitRecord on TV, and Please Like Me.
  • Sprout features popular children’s programming like Bob the Builder, Astroblast and Justin Time.

You can find the new channel list at ByPopularDemand.com.

Now on the other side of the coin.

Viacom on their KeepViacom.com stated:

Yesterday, in another attempt to get Suddenlink to come to the table and keep our 24 channels on the air, Viacom reached out to Suddenlink to agree to all of the terms of Suddenlink’s last proposal. Suddenlink said NO. Suddenlink took the unprecedented step of reneging on its own offer and informed Viacom that it was still dropping our networks. Suddenlink chose to act in spite rather than work with Viacom to continue giving its customers the content they pay for and enjoy.

Despite what they claim, Suddenlink is not on your side. They have turned their back on their customers and ignored your pleas to keep these Viacom channels and shows on the air.

Are you really all that surprised? Dropped channels, bill increases, unreliable products and poor customer service have become standard course of business for Suddenlink.


I don't know what it is like for you in your household.  I do know I had a very upset little boy last night when I had to explain to him that he would no longer be able to watch Spongebob or Fairly Odd Parents, two of his favorite shows.

I understand that Suddenlink is standing up for their customers and trying to keep costs low.  I hope that they can and will come to an agreement, because I know there are many upset children around this city today, and some upset adults.


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