If you were to ask anyone living outside of Amarillo what they thought our city might be obsessed with, I'm sure the answers would range from cows and cowboys to half buried cars. Some might even say construction.

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Restaurants Everywhere

While those answers are not exactly wrong, they're definitely not right. We have an obsession; and it's food. Just look around at all of the restaurants we have. They're everywhere and more are opening.

Amarillo's Many Food Groups

On social media, mostly Facebook, it should be no surprise that we have an over abundance of food centered groups to be a part of, considering the number of restaurants we have. I counted around 20 groups that are specifically formed to discuss food.

I did not count groups for specific restaurants or for BBQ enthusiasts, of which we have many.

Reviews, Reviews, and more Reviews

The vast majority of these groups are all "review" groups. If you have spent any time in a "review" group, you know that most of the time they start out strong. Then there comes a period of time where it just seems like a bunch of petty nit-picking. Then the drama. Then the split and more groups popping up, like the mythical hydra.

My hypothesis is that some people use these groups as a way to call out a business in order to get some free food. It happens from time to time.

Recipes, Co-Ops, and Vegans

It goes beyond reviews though. I also found co-ops, groups centered around organic produce, vegetarian cuisine, and recipes. You add it all together, and it looks like Amarillo is all about food.

Open up Facebook, and take a look for yourself. Just type in "food Amarillo" or "Amarillo food" and press enter.

Say You're From Amarillo Without Saying You're From Amarillo

Amarillo is a pretty quirky place. We've got the Big Texan, the weird signs, and (obviously) the famed Cadillac Ranch. But more than that, there's a distinct culture of close-knit community, eccentrics, a thriving arts scene, and much more.

The point is, living in Amarillo is a unique experience. Because of that, it's really pretty easy to tell who's a native or a long-time resident. And I can prove it.

Here's a couple of ways you can say you're from Amarillo.....without saying you're from Amarillo.

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