After some intense hours, Lindsay Lohan, who’s vacationing after completing less than a day of her 30-day jail sentence, has been reunited with her $5,000 purse and her passport, although she’s out about $10,000 in cash. At least the Chanel is safe.

Lohan was at a house party while on vacation in Hawaii last night when she mistakenly left her purse in the car. The purse contained, among other things, her passport, probation documentation and $10,000 in cash. When she left the party, Lohan discovered the purse was gone.

Police were notified and arrived to take a report. Lohan then stayed at the party and made everyone search frantically for the missing bag. No one found anything until this morning when a friend of Lohan’s noticed a local who seemed suspicious and asked him if he knew where the bag was. The local denied knowledge of the incident but then showed up minutes later with the bag, claiming he found it on the street.

The bag was intact, except for the massive amount of cash. Lohan was so happy to have it, and her important documents, returned that she didn’t even ask about the cash. And really, who would miss $10,000 when the Hef has just paid you a million dollars to pose in Playboy?


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