The theme nights at Hodgetown are a lot of fun. I mean anytime you take the family out to the ballpark it's going to be great. There is, though, something about a theme night to get everyone excited.

We can all escape to Hogwarts like this weekend as Hodgetown celebrates Harry Potter in style. Or how about heading to an even more exotic location. I guess if there is anything more exotic than Hogwarts maybe it would be the likes of Hawaii. That's right Hodgtown is going it's best to get all tropical and celebrate in Luau fashion.

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Break out your grass skirts if you have them and wear them out to Hodgetown next Saturday, June 19th. They will have Hawaiian themed music, promotions and a lot more. I wouldn't be too surprised if there is some sort of contest on field where you will do your best grass skirt dance. I mean I am just throwing that out there.

What is making this night even more special is that you can take part in their Luau Night BBQ Package. You will get dinner and it will also include your ticket to the game. For $35 you will get one seating bowl ticket, a Hawaiian pig roast BBQ dinner, and finish it off with a themed Hawaiian lei. Now these tickets are very limited.

I wouldn't wait as there are less than 100 tickets left. If you are looking for an escape and this may be the closest you will get to Hawaii why not. You can get your tickets HERE.  Let's all enjoy a luau here in Amarillo.

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