Lindsay Lohan temporarily lost a section of her finger during a boating mishap on Sunday (October 2), and documented the evidence on social media that evening.

Lohan was relaxing on a boat in waters off of Turkey when she attempted to help pull the anchor up, according to TMZ. She evidently got caught in, and was pulled down into the water by, the anchor, and in the process of extricating herself the anchor tore off the top segment of her ring finger.

Fortunately, Lindsay's trip companions were able to find her detached finger on the boat's deck. They headed to a local ER soon after, where a plastic surgeon was able to reattach it to the best of their ability.

Lindsay shared a video of the injury on Snapchat, with an account of how it all went so wrong. "I almost lost my finger from the anchor. Well, I lost half my finger, thank goodness we found the piece of my finger...I just had surgery to fix it," she wrote in text over the image, accompanied by several crying emojis. "It hurts so bad."

The Mean Girls actress also shared an image of the grisly accident on Instagram, but deleted it later; TMZ has archived photos that aren't for the blood-averse.

Despite her pain, Lindsay appears to be keeping a good sense of humor about the accident: She later shared a photo on Instagram captioned "one-handed selfie." The actress hashtagged the pic #whatdayisit, letting us know she hasn't forgotten that today is October 3rd, aka the day Cady Heron's crush Aaron Samuels asked her the date in class.

As many, many people on social media noted, the weekend preceding October 3rd was not nearly so lucky for Lindsay in real life this year.

Wishing Lindsay and her ring finger a speedy recovery.

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