Local Kris Fredrick attempted the 7-Layer-Burger challenge for his birthday at 7 Bar & Grill. The challenge is you must eat the whole burger in 17 minutes!

Fredrick was pretty confident he was going to destroy this burger and set a new record time. Not only do you have to eat the 7-layer-burger but you have to eat all the fries that's on the plate to. There are many food challenges in town but this the one that not to many people can conquer! Dare to try it? You can check out the food challenge any day or anytime of the week because their kitchen is open till 2am. If you can beat the challenge you get the meal for free and a brownie sundae but if you challenge beats you then you have to fork up $27. I'll be in food training to try the 7-layer-burger challenge at 7 Bar & Grill! Check out how Kris Fredrick and Happy Birthday Kris from everyone here on The Hacker Morning Show!

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