An Amarillo Wienerschnitzel was recently featured on an episode of Undercover Boss.

The reality show is about CEOs and business owners doing an undercover investigation of their own businesses. They disguise themselves and learn how to work at their own establishments. Throughout their journey, they bond with employees and learn about difficult situations they been through personally and they also learn about some of their frustrations about the company.

In this episode, the general manager, franchise owner, and general employees of Wienerschnitzel showed frustration about not getting help from the franchise area director. However, the workers still show a lot of loyalty to the Amarillo Wienerschnitzel. The CEO who visited their restaurant appreciated the hard work and dedication those employees were putting into their work and acknowledged the changes that needed to be made.

There was also a huge surprise at the end of the episode. Click here to watch the Undercover Boss episode featuring the Wienerschnitzel here in Amarillo.

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