Summer is here, and that means festival season is upon us. There is Route 66 Fest coming up this weekend, along with a buffet of music and arts festivals planned over the upcoming months.

Enter Lovestock 2019. Lovestock 2019 will be taking place on June 29, the weekend after our big giant summer kickoff and food truck party at AirU.

Credit: Lovestock Music and Art Festival via Facebook
Credit: Lovestock Music and Art Festival via Facebook

Lovestock this year is teaming up with Punkfest from Lubbock to bring the area an event stacked with entertainment. Don't be mistaken. Lovestock 2019 is about more than just music.

Yellow City Comedy will be performing, and we'll get a performance from Amarillo's resident burlesque troupe, the Bomb City Pretties. Did you know we have local burlesque troupes? Neither did I. You really do learn something new about Amarillo every day.

Their event page also promises lots of art and vendors. There are several specials already listed, so be sure to check out their website and event page for more info.

The fest kicks off at 4:30 pm on June 29, and will go until the wee hours of the morning. In total, there are 36 artists spread across 4 stages.

Lovestock is billed as an all-ages event until 10 pm. You can check out their Facebook event page, Facebook page, or website for more information.

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