First, let me publicly apologize for flipping you off. Second, I didn't die so I'm exaggerating.

I was in the heat of the moment and my judgment was off. Hopefully Lowe's driver, we can laugh it off and grab a drink later.

I'm a city driver, there is no courtesy on a major freeway during rush hour. Texas has a saying "Drive Friendly - The Texas Way" which is cool. We have farm roads, trucks, elderly people, and the youth on the road.

But there is a difference between courteous and being a dangerous driver. Courtesy left-hand turns in the middle of the street with no right-aways are not courteous. I was on Bell street in April when we got that random snow storm and there was some guy stopped in the middle of the road letting the mini van make a left-hand turn in a non-intersection road and sure enough, a car slammed into the mini van and the car ended up in the sign "The crossings at Bell."

The guy just drove away, pretended it never happened. If you're reading this guy in the white car who didn't aid in assistance ...I'm on to you.

Back to what I was saying, It's pouring out right now. So visibility is limited. I'm paying close attention cause we all know when it rains the risk for accidents are higher. Now a little perspective here, I'm sure the Lowe's guy was not intending to cause an accident. He was just letting the van cross to get home.

However, this was a huge blind spot for me and the person who was making the left turn. Why? There was a big Lowe's delivery truck stopped in the middle of the road.

I SLAMMED on my breaks, thank goodness my breaks were not wet and didn't lock up. But everything that was on my seats is now on the floor. Then the rage set in and I flipped him off, again, I do apologize for my rage Mr. truck man.

Becuase I've seen this situation happen all too much. I don't let people make the courtesy left hand turn and I don't let people force me to make that turn, because of this.

Moral of the story, don't make courtesy Left-hand turns. Don't stop in the middle of the road to let someone turn. They can be patient and wait for the right away.

Don't flip people off, it's not nice.

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