Over the past few days I have heard a lot about this new maid service in Lubbock, TX. So what is the big deal?  Well it is a nude maid service!

Picture hiring a maid service to clean your house and then find out that they do topless or even nude cleaning.  Well you can get that type of service if you live in the Lubbock area. It is a business called Fantasy Maid Service.

26 year old owner Melissa Borrett, decided this was a great way to make money.  She was a waitress and was having a hard time making ends meet, so the next best thing was to do nude house cleaning?

What ever her reason are, Lubbock is now offering a nude maid service.  And the best part about this is that they offer discounts to police officers!

Now when I first read the story the first thing that popped into my mind was prostitution.  Borrett assures officials that there is no sexual acts going on.  She says, "Look all you want, but please do not touch the maids."

Still, Lubbock police officers are keeping an eye out on the business.

Borrett, herself, is a maid and she has three other maids.  They charge $100 and hour or $150 for two maids.  They will clean, cook, do laundry and any other household chores.  And of course you can choose for them to be topless or completely nude.

But cleaning isn't the only thing these ladies do.  They will work your next party.  Cleaning up, serving guests, mixing drinks and whatever else you need them to do.

Hmmm.  Sounds kind of crazy.  I don't think I could ever work in this type of profession.  Maybe if I was a nudist, but still I wouldn't want people just starring at me.  But I am not here to judge to each their own.

I did check out the website and I'd have to say that I wasn't too impressed.  These women are either really comfortable with their bodies or just don't care.

I would say that the benefit is:  You would know if they were stealing.  Only in Texas!

Do you think that Amarillo should open up a nude maid service?


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